The Hyperion Endeavors Executive Team is led by Hayden Haucke and Andrew Murphy. Hayden and Andrew’s passion for real estate entrepreneurship led them to found Hyperion Endeavors, a real estate firm specializing in the acquisition of underperforming multifamily assets with value-add opportunities.  Through strategic operations, renovations, and expense reductions that result in customized business plans, Hyperion Endeavors is able to take underperforming properties and extract their potential. Their strategies result in improved operational efficiencies and increased property values over the target investment timeframe.

Hayden and Andrew’s extensive background in business and real estate offers their investors unique opportunities to invest in commercial real estate projects that offer superior market returns while minimizing their investors’ risk.

Hayden and Andrew partner for the acquisition of each target property to ensure thorough and accurate conservative underwriting of those target properties. In addition, they bring laser-focused attention to detail during due diligence and contract negotiation. They also work diligently to source high quality contract labor for their properties, and work closely with these and other employees to execute perfectly tailored business plans that are specifically made for each acquired property.   

As a direct result of their diverse industry and educational backgrounds Hayden and Andrew have unique viewpoints that drive success at Hyperion Endeavors. Their attention to detail, industry knowledge, and operational expertise result in superior returns to their investors.