Our Executive Team

The Hyperion Endeavors Executive Team is led by Hayden Haucke and Andrew Murphy. Hayden and Andrew’s passion for real estate entrepreneurship led them to found Hyperion Endeavors, a real estate firm specializing in the acquisition of under-performing multifamily assets with value-add opportunities. Hayden and Andrew’s extensive background in business and real estate offers their investors unique opportunities to invest in commercial real estate projects that offer superior market returns while minimizing their investors’ risk. Continue Reading…

Hayden Haucke

Hayden’s real estate and insurance experience helps Hyperion Endeavors better understand conservative financial modeling to minimize risks and maximize returns to their investors.

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Andrew Murphy

Andrew’s experience in the Marines, medicine, and business brings a unique blend of discipline & creativity to Hyperion Endeavors in maximizing operational efficiencies of multifamily properties.

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